Dr Karver-0

Dr. Karver, photo taken in ██/██/████

NAME: Dr. ████ Karver


RACE: British



OCCUPATION(S): Researcher, Security Captain, Specialized Staff Member

LOCATION(S): Site-01, Site-██-█ Site-79, Area-72, Site-92

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-██, Area-61, Area-25, Site-15, Site-34, Site-██, Area-13

STATUS: Active



PROFILE: Karver, known to be one of the oldest staff members of Foundation, dating back to █/█/████. He is seen as a respectful individual to others, helping out Site Directors overseer the facility at the position of Level-3. Performing experiments from time to time, otherwise he is primarily focussed toward the Security Department as the rank of a Security Captain. He trains his recruits with hand-to-hand-combat, breach and clear, and other various activities regarding the basic Security protocols. Sometimes, even pushing his trainees to their limits, as he may seem a little powerhungry.

Karver can be, rude as some personnel call him, seeing as a strict and abusive Captain judging by the Council. This regards to the anger issues he has, nearly resulting in insanity which makes violence the only way to solve things, though being through mental evaluation seems to settle him down, for now.



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